Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to volunteer within Causeway?

All new volunteers within Causeway will need to complete orientation with Causeway Office Staff. In orientation we will help you decide what you would like to do while volunteering, complete a back ground check and get you matched with a person in La Crosse County.

How often / what time of day will I volunteer?

As a volunteer with Causeway, you and the person with whom you are matched set the frequency of your volunteer commitment. We screen the needs of our recipients for time of day that works best for them and how often they need a volunteer.

How do I report my time?

Causeway volunteers have a Church Coordinator that represents their church or a volunteer to report their hours to. We keep track of volunteer hours to aid in grant writing, appeal letters and funding sources.

Do you charge for services?

Since Causeway began in 1986 we have proudly offered our services without charge for those who need them. Our program is funded by thirty supporting congregations in the La Crosse County area, fundraising efforts like appeal letters, seasonal fundraisers and private donations.

Who will I be volunteering with?

Most recipients of Causeway are elderly adults, adults with disabilities or adults diagnosed with cancer. Most individuals who use Causeway services are looking to maintain their independence and dignity while remaining in their home.

How am I matched with a person?

Causeway matches its volunteers to recipients based on service requested, proximity to each other and similar hobbies, likes and dislikes. We also screen for pets and smoking to avoid any allergies.

What types of volunteers are used within Causeway?

Causeway is comprised of volunteers in so many roles! Volunteers are needed in preparing our newsletter, coordinating volunteers, participating in fundraisers, within our Board of Directors, Office or Mission Partner.

How do I get started in volunteering?

Call Causeway at 608-775-9999 or email us at causewayivc@gmail.com

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