Mission Statement

Causeway Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers connects people with needs to people who care for ongoing supportive connections. Causeway provides volunteer and community services to the elderly and adults with disabilities allowing them to maintain independence and dignity.

Time to Craft!

Thursday, October 3rd
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, La Crosse

The Peer Caregiver Support Program of Causeway is creating “Lap-tivity” quilts for staff at health, veteran and care facilities to give to caregivers of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other related dementia.

We are looking for volunteers to help create these lap sized quilts. Volunteers can bring their own machine or those who do not sew on a machine can cut fabric, sew on buttons, pick out designs and activities, tie quilt knots and more!  Refreshments will be served.

To participate, call Causeway at 608.775.9999

Adults with dementia have feelings that are often difficult to express due to cognitive impairments in language, memory, and executive function. Expressing frustration, boredom, anxiety, or pain may be expressed as resistance, agitation, wandering, frequent requests for help, and calling out. Up to 90% of persons with dementia experience one or more of these symptoms during the course of their illness and impacts the person’s ability to cope with stress. Caregiver impatience or rushing, clinician assessments, unfamiliar surroundings, and an over-stimulating environment can provoke distress. Lap-tivity quilts will be given without charge to individuals in La Crosse County through The Peer Caregiver Support Program of Causeway Caregivers and the Aging and Disability Resource Center of La Crosse County.

Donate to RootinCrown to benefit Causeway

Are you storing new or gently used items that you feel are “Never Used” or “Should Get Rid Of”?
If so… Donate those items to support Causeway! Causeway has joined RootinCrown, a fabulous local business that accepts donations in La Crosse and Onalaska to support registered local nonprofits!

Donation Ideas: Household Items, Wall Décor, Art, Lamps
Shelves, Sporting Equipment, Frames, Decorative Plates, Toys  Knickknacks, Chairs, End Tables, Dishes, Shades, Gardening Items Crafts, Tools or Whatever You Have!

Can’t make it to RootinCrown? Call Causeway for a pick up!

Where is RootinCrown?  1906 Ward Avenue, La Crosse
(Few doors west of The Moose Lodge)

When Can you Donate?
10 am – 6pm Monday and Friday
10am – 4pm  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Closed on Sunday.
When you donate, ask for a Causeway Donation Receipt!

Your donation supports Causeway’s mission of connecting caring volunteers to elderly and disabled adults in need of help with errands, tasks around the home, socialization and outings.  Proceeds help keep this mission free to those who use Causeway.                                                 Thank you for your support.



Peer Caregiver Support Program

The Peer Caregiver Support Program

This program, funded through a grant of the La Crosse Coomunity Foundation is designed to connect “Volun-Peer Mentors” with caregivers of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other related dementia for caring support, socialization and knowledge of resources.

Volun-Peer Mentors have “Been there. Done that.” as former caregivers. They can provide encouragement, a listening ear, and may share a similar caregiving experience but recognize that everyone is different.  Support can be provided by phone, in person or electronic communication.

If you are interested in becoming a Volun-Peer Mentor, providing support and encouragement to current caregivers or are a current caregiver and interested in being matched with a Volun-Peer Mentor
or interested in knowing more about the program, call Causeway Caregivers at 608- 775-9999 or Click on Brochure

Here’s a referral form you can print and mail:  Rapid Referral Form
For electronic version use the “Participate” tab above then select Rapid Referral Form from drop down box

Are you ready to get started as a Volun-Peer Caregiver? Volun-Peer Register

Are you a Caregiver looking for a Volun-Peer Mentor?  Caregiver Register

Register your care receiving loved one in the Program… Care Recipient Register

South Side Neighborhood Center to host Before the After

Before the After Planning Sessions have been presented by Causeway Caregivers since 2012 and utilize a planning folder to outline your wishes, organize pertinent documents and eliminate possible tough decisions for your loved ones.
Planning materials are available for Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota residents.

South Side Neighborhood Center 2019 Session Dates:
 Sept. 26th         Oct. 24th            Nov. 21st            Dec. 19th 
10am – 12pm     10am – 12pm     10am – 12pm     10am – 12pm

Planning Session Topics and Forms:
Obituary Writing, Tips and Letters of Love
Funeral, Memorial or Final Service Planning
Lasting Legacy and Health History
Power of Attorney for Healthcare & Organ Donation
In Case of Emergency
Personal Designations & Creating a Will
Guardianship for Person or Estate
Power of Attorney for Finances
Everything in One Place for Pertinent Papers & Information
Contact Sheet for Friends and Family

To Register: Call (608) 789-8298 or 789-8640
South Side Neighborhood Center Address:  1300 S. 6th Street, La Crosse

Before the After in 2019 !

If you are interested in attending the Sept 9th Planning Session, registration is now open!

Planning Sessions in 2019:
March 4th
June 1st
September 9th
December 2nd
Event is 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., Registration, check-in and refreshments begin at 9:30.

Remember to bring your Planning Packet folder if you’ve attended previously!  New attendees will receive folder at registration, day of event.