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COVID-19 Plan

In the past few weeks our area has experienced many changes in our day to day activities and Causeway has been monitoring the situation within La Crosse County closely.  For now, the Laptivity Quilt Crafting Days and Before the After … Continue reading

Before the After in 2020 !

If you are interested in attending the Sept 14th Planning Session, registration is open! Planning Sessions in 2020: March 2nd June 6th September 14th December 7th Event is 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., Registration, check-in and refreshments begin at 9:30. … Continue reading

You are welcome to attend as many Planning Sessions as needed to plan your Before the After, ask questions of knowledgeable individuals, open communication with family or friends and coordinate all your information in One Place. Causeway Planning Sessions are … Continue reading

Lap-tivity Quilts Update

The first Crafting Date for 2020  is yet to be determined.  Once a date is able to be set, we will update this immediately! In the meantime, if you’d like to donate to this project, please indicate so when mailing … Continue reading

South Side Neighborhood Center to host Before the After

Before the After Planning Sessions are presented by Causeway Caregivers and utilize a planning folder to outline your wishes, organize pertinent documents and eliminate possible tough decisions for your loved ones. Planning materials are explained in detail during these sessions. … Continue reading